AnR Overseas


ANR Overseas Attestation service is a service provided by ANR Overseas Services Private Limited. ANR Overseas do hereby declare that they have no role whatsoever in the assessment of an Attested document, which is the sole prerogative of the concerned authorities. Therefore, we are not liable or responsible for any contents of Attested Documents. ANR Overseas will take every precaution in handling original document/s or passport/s submitted by applicant. Due to unforeseen events and circumstances of Force Majeure, Force Majeure means any event or occurrence which is outside control of the Party concerned and which is not attributable to any act or failure to take preventive action by the Party concerned, but shall not include any industrial action occurring within ANR OVERSEAS or any sub-contractor of ANR OVERSEAS. Every document during the attestation process is handled by various people. We will accept the responsibility for a damaged document, if upon the investigation the default is said to be committed. However, we are not responsible for the below mentioned damages.

Scope of conditions: These conditions shall govern and apply to all services provided by AnR Overseas Services.

1. Damages

Where the Applicant avails of the Courier Acceptance Service or Courier Return Service, the Applicant confirms and is aware that the courier acceptance and delivery services have been operated by the third party and in case document/s or Passport is lost or damaged in transit, the liability of ANR Overseas is restricted to reimbursement of fees charged by the issuing authority or Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, for replacement of lost / damaged document/s or passport through normal application procedure. ANR Overseas shall not be responsible or liable for any consequential loss or damage caused to the Applicant due to loss of his/her document/s or Passport and supporting documents.

2. Lamination of certificate

It is not advisable to laminate certificates as attestation is done on the reverse of the document and could be a problem for attestation if you intend to travel abroad. All lamination will have to be removed for attestation while removing the lamination unavoidable damage may occur if the document is old. This is rare but if it does happen it would be because of unavoidable reasons arising due to the adhesive bond between the lamination and the document. ANR Overseas Services would not be responsible for such damage.

3. Stapling

Stapling is a common practice in all embassies. AnR Overseas Services will not be responsible for any stapling that may occur during the process of attestation.

4. Damage occurred

Damage occurred to the document due to the negligence of any other authority including Government authorities other than ANR Overseas Services.

5. Lost Document

If document is lost by Courier Company than it Is an unlikely event if the document is lost by ANR Overseas Services than ANR Overseas Services will bear the cost involved in obtaining the duplicate copies only, provided applicant gives us the supporting documents. In case applicant failed to produce any required supporting document(s), then ANR Overseas shall not be responsible for the issuance of new certificate. ANR Overseas Services shall not be responsible for any indirect loss arising from this situation and we shall not indemnify consequential damages of any nature.

6. Delayed Document

The processing time of attestation of document is completely dependent on government rules and regulations and time frames advised on the basis of collective experience. The rules and regulations and timeframes may change from time to time. Delays if any are inevitable and there will no reduction in the Service Charge/prices as ANR Overseas Services is not responsible for the same.

7. Large certificate

All major courier companies use and accept standard sized envelopes. In case your certificate is large, it will have to be folded to fit in the envelope.

8. Cancellation of Service and rejection by embassy

The customer may cancel the requested service at any time. AnR Overseas Services Service Charge/price, plus the charges for the attestation completed (if applicable) and the applicable taxes will be collected in such a scenario. Document which are rejected by the Embassy shall also attract the AnR Overseas Services Service Charge/price and the applicable taxes.

9. Fakes

AnR Overseas Services shall not be responsible for any fictitious/bogus/doctored document submitted by the applicant. Any rejection due to the same shall be the responsibility of the applicant. AnR Overseas Services has the authority not to process the attestation of the documents if deemed doubtful. AnR Overseas Services shall not return the documents and shall not refund any of the amount collected including taxes in case the attesting authority declares the document as fake.

10. Others?

1. In case AnR Overseas is prevented, restricted or interfered with by reason of fire, or other casualty or accident, labour disputes, strikes and lockouts, war, hostility or terrorist action, acts of public enemy, civil commotion, sabotage, fire, flood, natural calamities, explosion, epidemic, quarantine restriction, any law or regulation of any Government, Act of God or any act or condition whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of AnR Overseas.

2. It is expressly understood that when the applicant or representative of the applicant submits the document/s or passport/s and the required supporting documents, the applicant has understood the terms, conditions and details here in. Application fees & related charges are not refundable but if ANR Overseas won’t able complete the process of document/s from any of the department than only refund will be made as per the incomplete process in Cheque only.

3. Demand Drafts & cheques are subject to realization.

4. No employee of AnR Overseas may change / amend / amplify the conditions mentioned herein.

5. For all claims, disputes of whatsoever nature, the courts in Delhi shall alone have jurisdiction.