AnR Overseas

Language Translation Services

Every country has their own mother tongue and every country needs document in their mother tongue. So to submit the document/s we need to translate our document/s to that country's mother tongue.

ANR Overseas has experienced translators in more than 40 languages who work in house for human translation projects. We understand it is most important to maintain the meaning of the sentence and context which using a translation services and we therefore rely on human based translation services only.

Quality of translation with zero errors is our forte and we do translations for all kinds of documents like technical and non technical. We can translate a transcript or website with equal ease in more than languages, native and international.

Each translation undergoes three steps of checks before finalizing the translation to ensure our clients are satisfied with our services.

We provide translation as per target country or particular region, Uses of native terms, able to translate all sources formats to any given format of PC and Macintosh Systems like MS Office applications, PDF, Adobe Applications, Illustrator, In Design, Corel Draw, Quark Express, etc. Typing in Unicode compliant fonts that are available for all languages. Multilingual project handling skills.

Languages Translated by us

Asian Languages
  • Burmese Translation
  • Chinese Translation
  • Dari Translation
  • Indonesian Translation
  • Korean Translation
  • Japanese Translation
  • Malay Translation
  • Pashto Translation
  • Persian Translation
  • Sinhalese Translation
  • Thai Translation
  • Vietnamese translation
  • Indian Languages
  • Assamese Translation
  • Bengali Translation
  • Gujarati Translation
  • Kannada Translation
  • Hindi Translation
  • Kashmiri Translation
  • Konkani Translation
  • Malayalam Translation
  • Manipuri Translation
  • Marathi Translation
  • Nepali Translation
  • Oriya Translation
  • Punjabi Translation
  • Sanskrit Translation
  • Sindhi translation
  • European Languages
  • Italian Translation
  • French Translation
  • Spanish Translation
  • Greek Translation
  • German Translation
  • Polish Translation
  • Romanian Translation
  • Russian Translation
  • Danish Translation
  • Dutch Translation
  • Catalan Translation
  • Finnish Translation
  • Flemish Translation
  • Serbian Translation
  • Turkish Translation