AnR Overseas

Visa Services

Visa is an essential document and authority given to a traveller by a foreign country, which allows him to visit the foreign country for tourism/ business/ studies/ work etc. Globalization has resulted in change in visa regimes in the last decade and hence the visa requirements, criteria and documents keep changing. Based on the political tie up with various countries, visa requirements for Indian passport holders also have changed in the last few years.

We assist travellers, companies, Corporates and clients who travel out of India in applying for their visa application in the visa processing centre/ Embassy/ Consulate.

ANR Overseas provided end to end solution visa services for all outbound countries which require visa from Indian Passport holders for all kinds of visas – short term and long term. Our services include assisting the clients with:

  • Visa Application Filling
  • Documents checklist
  • Preparation of documents as per Embassy requirement
  • Appointment scheduling in visa processing centre
  • Submission of visa application, where possible
  • Fees for visa application
  • Collection of application
  • Pick and drop of passport, where possible

Passport Services

Passport is a travel document which is issued by a country of your citizenship, and it allows a traveller to visit a foreign country. All visas are updated/ stamped on the passport. Passport is a record maintaining book of all foreign travels of a person globally. Passport application process is an elaborate process and it requires different documents for various services it includes, which is the reason to find the right partner who can assist you with the passport process. Our services include:

  • First Time Passports
  • Passport Renewal
  • Correction in Passports
  • Lost / Stolen Passports
  • Damage Passports